sensor based lighting.
Pika knows how to switch off.

Sensor Based Light

solution for
walkway lighting

Pika is equipped with microwave sensors. When there is no one walking through the corridor or walkway, it turns off the lighting in that area and monitors the situation. Once someone walks through the corridor, Pika will turn on the lights and start tracking his/her movement for a short amount of time.

Our lights for walkway and corridor

Walk way and Corridor

Different options for walkway lighting

Walkway and Corridor lights- Comes in different power rating of 15W, 18W and 24W. The light is embedded with microwave sensor to detect motion. Light will step down to 20% brightness when there is no one at the walkway. Once the sensor detected a movement, the light immediately turns on to 100% brightness. 

T8 LED Tube Lights

Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

LED Panel Lights

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